Go therefore and make disciples
of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Local Missions

Food with Friends

Food with Friends is acommunity food ministry
In CLUMC Fellowship Hall
Each Monday 5pm to 6:30pm.

Our hope is to be in ministry to the

community where we live, play and worship.  
This is an invitation to share Food and Fellowship with Friends FREE each Monday.  
No ID, No Strings, No Sermon, No Cost.
Just come as you are!

Hearts and Hammers

HEARTS and HAMMERS teams are made up of friendly volunteer church members who help CLUMC congregants with various household project at minimal cost.
Work jobs include light plumbing, electrical work, ramp construction and repair, yard work and clean up, as well as other small miscellaneous projects.

Most jobs do not take longer than a day or two, although some of our team members like to come back in a few weeks, just to have a cup of coffee with our clients.

If you would like your household repair needs looked at, please complete the 

HEARTS and HAMMERS online request form.
You will be contacted soon.
Once a quarter (dates to be announced) CLUMC members and guests clean up a section of Highway 2722 (Old Bear Creek Road). We meet at the ‘rock cut out cliff’ approximately 2 miles south of Startzville 2722 / 2673 intersection to clean up one mile of this beautiful of Hill Country highway.

In a labor of love we discover what it means to keep America beautiful. When time and pressure prevent us from serving our community this is a terrific opportunity to give just one hour to serve our country and our God.

Many of us pick up treasures and disposables because we enjoy it as well as the wonderful outdoor fellowship, exercise and experience. We marvel at God’s beauty as we look, hear and smell His glory all around us, thus confirming we live in one of the most beautiful places in Texas.

If you would like to be part of Adopt-A-Highway please call Joan Platt or leave a message at the church office. Meet us at the 2673 ‘rock cut out cliff’ with your gloves and a smile. Water and cookies are provided. See you on the highway!

CRRC of Canyon Lake

CLUMC works hand in hand with the CRRC providing them volunteers and financial support year around.

Our Wesley Nurse spends time each week at the CRRC Rec. Center doing blood pressure checks, educating clients on diabetics and hypertension.

If CLUMC does not have temporary medical equipment for those who need it we refer them to the CRRC.  www.crrcofcanyonlake.org

Global Missions

Crop walk

(Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty)

By participating in the CROP Walk, usually held in March on Canyon Lake Dam, we support Church World Services commitment to confront hunger and its related injustices by providing tools of hope that empower people to meet their own needs.  
25% of the money raised at the Canyon Lake CROP is donated to the Community Resource and Recreation Center Food Pantry (CRRC) and the Smithson Valley Food Bank.  (www.churchworldservices.org) 

Home in a Week

Home In a Week is part of ‘Families Helping Families’; a 501 (c) 3 created to help Families in a variety of ways.

“Home In A Week” builds homes for needy people in just a week.

www. homeinaweek.org